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This is Trump Game Theory - a Wiki where those striving for social justice can propose potential scenarios, and develop responses to those scenarios, in real time.

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States is the greatest challenge to the social justice movement in America in several generations, and the existential threat that it represents cannot be overstated. It is not a nightmare, in that is now a reality. If we, as members of the opposition movement, are to have any success in removing Trump from office (by 2020 if not before), combating the policies of his administration and the Republican Congress, or, at the very least, mitigating the damage done by them, then we no longer have the luxury of hang-wringing or simple outrage.

While protesting, lobbying, and advocacy are all necessary parts of the resistance, they alone can suffice, as they are mostly reactionary. We instead must try and figure out practical ways to anticipate what the Trump administration will do, and then work out methods to block and/or reverse it.

Enter Game Theory, one of the most effective--and cost-effective--means of gathering data, mobilizing brain power and creative thinking, and developing real-world strategy.

The broader social justice movement has long been in need of Game Theory strategy, as it tends to "fetishize a particular tactic or school of thought and remain stuck for years. Many Alinsky style organizing groups only engage in lobbying and base building, but, when faced with a new crises that cannot be voted on, refuse to to do direct action. A direct-action oriented group working on a long protracted issue that gets translated into a ballot and the group is not equipped to do base-building or voter mobilization...Even though in many organizing schools of thought it is taught that there are many tactics one can choose from, more often than not these very schools are what limit organizers' choices in what tactics to use."[1]

This platform hopes to combine the variety of nodes that exist between different social justice organizations and schools of thought, via crowd sourcing, with the express goal of obstructing and disrupting the Trump administration and its policy platform and moving towards the goals of social justice.