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Groups Under Assault

Donald Trump famously opened his campaign by attacking immigrants and insulting those of Mexican heritage by claiming that Mexico was sending over rapists and drug dealers. Since then, as well as throughout his decades of public notoriety, Trump has targeted just about every vulnerable group and minority community that there is. His policy platform and the people that he has hand-picked to carry it out, share a history of like-minded bigotry, as well as a stated intent, to further target these groups. We must look at each individually, to assess where and how they are most vulnerable to assaults from the Trump administration, the Republican Congress, and their supporters: what specific legislation, formal and informal policy, and broader social movements threaten them now, and how can we best protect them and fight on their behalf?





Immigrants, Documented and Undocumented




Young People

Other Potential Targets

Along with always needing an 'Other' to direct public outrage towards, Trump has also nakedly displayed his penchant for personal vendettas against individuals and groups who have publicly opposed or criticized him. He has humiliated former political rivals within his own party, has taken to Twitter to exacerbate feuds with public figures, has outright threatened media outlets he feels are unfair to him, and has disrupted the stock of private companies by openly threatening them with financial penalties if they do not cede to his will.

Here then, are a list of potential targets for Trump's personal wrath. What could he, in his new role of unprecedented power, do to punish them? What might we do in order to try and offset that punishment? Who should we lend our support to, and how do we do it?

Hilary Clinton

Barack Obama

Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren

John Kasich

Lindsey Graham

John McCain

Megyn Kelly

Marc Cuban

Evan McMullin


Ford Motor Co.


The Washington Post

The New York Times



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