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One of the areas where the danger posed by Trump is most prevalent is in how he intends to use/misuse the United States military apparatus. Trump, despite having zero military experience, has revealed himself to be a hawk (despite his many contradictory lies regarding American intervention). He has promised to increase military spending more than any previous administration in American history, has threatened several sovereign nations, has suggested bringing back (and expanding) torture, has justified the targeting of civilians in the name of fighting terrorism, and has already announced plans to start a new nuclear arms race.

The stakes here are nothing short of existential, and must take the utmost precedence.


Nuclear Proliferation

Current Wars


Military Spending


Drone Policy

Foreign Relations

As well as having no military or governmental experience, Trump also has no foreign policy experience. What he does have, however, are personal and financial ties to various foreign governments and investors. As the intelligence communities unanimously agreed and made public, his campaign received a massive amount of help from Russian sources working from within and without America.

We must recognize that Trump is beholden to foreign powers, and thus we cannot count on previously established diplomatic relations to hold together. The world is being reshaped, and America's part in that reshaping, thanks to Trump, must be studied both as a whole, and in relation to other nations and regions.

More nations will be added as they come into contact/conflict with America's foreign policy in the years ahead.






North Korea

The United Nations

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