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Perhaps the most pressing issue of the day is the environment. Unfortunately, what small steps have been made over the course of the last eight years in addressing the existential threat of climate change may well be undone within the first few years of a Trump administration. Trump has declared his skepticism to accepted science regarding climate change; he has appointed like-minded climate skeptics to positions of power in both the EPA and Energy Departments; his Secretary of State is one of the heads of big oil; he has promised to pull out of international environmental treaties; and he has readily voiced his support for drilling, fracking, pipelines, and the privatization of public lands.

There is no point in pretending that the planet won't suffer tremendously from even a one-term Trump presidency. Indeed, it may already be past the point of no return. Still, the environmental agenda we are looking at bears close scrutiny, and each policy area must be thoroughly considered and gamed out.

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