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Gaming out Donald Trump's economic policy should prove difficult, considering that it is rife with contradictions. As of yet, no one is entirely sure just what it will look like. Trump campaigned on a populist message of old-school isolationism and protectionism, something which has put him in direct conflict with the free-market liberalization long held sacred by the Republican Party. Steve Bannon, Trump's closest adviser, has stated publicly his desire to blow up the national debt with infrastructure spending, while everyone involved in the administration and Republican Congress has promised massive tax cuts and corporate deregulation.

Despite the confusion inherent in Trump's various proposals, here perhaps, lies the opposition's best chance at out-gaming him. Trump made several promises that are wholly unrealistic regarding jobs, trade, and manufacturing. His appointment of various Wall Street insiders to prominent cabinet positions, despite his admonishing of them during the campaign, has already garnered a good amount of disillusion from some who voted for him.

The stakes of his economic policy are very high: what improvements were made under the Obama administration, post-recovery, are likely to be undone, and we are looking down the barrel of another recession and even greater income inequality should Trump and Congress be able to push through much of what they are proposing. Although this will be disastrous in its ramifications, there is a way to turn it to our advantage. The economy taking a hit could be the thing that turns his supporters on him, as it did (in combination with war fatigue) the last Republican administration.

These conflicts and potentialities make for several interesting game theory opportunities, but until the effects of such become readily apparent, it is best to look at the broader policies which are likely to amount.



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Income Inequality


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