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The promises which Trump has made regarding his domestic agenda would change the basic fabric of American society, yet they must each be treated as imminently achievable. We cannot afford to underestimate Trump, or his fellow Republicans, in their ability and willingness to pass their desired legislation, no matter how offensive or previously outlandish it may seem. From building a giant wall along the Mexican-American border, to sweeping political purges, to gutting civil rights--if Donald Trump manages to achieve even a fraction of his stated agenda, we are facing a dystopian reality not far from our worst nightmares. Each policy promise must be throughout gamed out in order to have any hope of stopping or reversing them.


Border Wall


Muslim Registry

Muslim Ban/Religious Entry Test


Affordable Care Act Repeal

Entitlement Reform

Government Operations

Intelligence Community

Departmental Purges and Political Firings

Reproductive Rights

Roe V Wade

Abortion Access

Defunding Planned Parenthood

Criminal Justice

War on Drugs

Police Accountability

Racial Profiling


Private Prisons

Civil Liberties

Attacks on the Press

Attacks on Right to Assemble

Attacks on Dissent

Prosecution of Whistleblowers

Domestic Surveillance

Voting Right's

Federal Voting Rights

State Voting Rights

Voter Fraud

Social Issues

Marriage Equality

Religious Freedom Laws

Gender Identity

Race Relations

Women's Equality

Religious Tolerance

Second Amendment


Federal Gun Laws

State Gun Laws


Supreme Court

Judicial Appointments

Court Battles

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